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Tenant Screening Report provides a fast and easy way to accurately determine the eligibility of a prospective or current tenant. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of tenant screening services and customer support so you can feel secure in your decisions.

It is our endeavor to help all Landlords in the Tri-city Region to Lease out their Properties with comfort and ease, while feeling secure about their decision and not to Sweet Dubious Tenants, who can give you Nightmare's Later.

For the first time in India, Ace Invest has taken the Initiative to consolidate a Data Base of "Negative Tenants" with the Help and participation of the landlords/ Resident Welfare Societies of the Tri-city Region.

This Data Base will help all existing members of Ace Invest, residents of Tri-City Region with FREE lookup services for Negative Tenants, After all, Tenancy is a very regional in character and one Negative Tenant moves on to the Next Landlord to give him a tough ordeal all over again.

This is Payback time, "We Request all Landlords to come forward, Share all relevant data and your ordeal with your "Negative Tenant", with us including the Particulars and Details of the "Negative Tenant", We will ensure he wont get refuge in the Tri-City Area.

Please Share you valuable Information below or Call us @ +91 987 260 0018 for further assistance..

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